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Take a Look Around

Take a Look Around is the debut trio album from One for the Foxes. Creating exciting and fresh sounds with newly-composed material, the trio draws from their traditional roots to create an eclectic and dynamic album.
Track Listing
1. Lost Pints & Shiny Shoes
2. When We Became None
3. Bat in the Cap
4. Velvet Strand
5. Toby's Fancy
6. Ghosts And Dreams
7. We Wander Through
8. The Forgotten Tune
9. Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden
10. When We Became None (Radio Edit)
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One for the Foxes album cover

One for the Foxes

A unique twist on the traditions from which they come, weaving between traditional melodies, their own compositions, and songs from the broader folk canon.
Track Listing
1. Prelude
2. Snowy Eldora
3. Storms Are on the Ocean
4. Joe Cassidy's
5. The Light on the Shore
6. Three Fishers
7. Virginia
8. Lonesome Robin
9. One for the Foxes
10. Tune for T
11. Tread Softly
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Brand New Day Album Art

A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day is the debut recording from Dave Curley and Mick Broderick. delicately balancing new compositions by the duo with traditional Irish songs.
Track Listing
1. One April Morning
2. This Train's Not Bound for Glory
3. Drift Away
4. The Pleasure Will Be Mine
5. Off to War
6. Lucking Out
7. Real Men Gone Before Me
8. Could You Be the One
9. The Banks of the Bann
10. Slievethoul
11. The Night Visiting Song
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